Monday, August 4, 2014

Cats and Trucks are a real pain

As of this moment I really don't think there are any honest people left in this world. Because I feed feral cats, it's not my fault they are there, they just came there, I've made numerous attempts with numerous cat organizations to help me, and nobody will. At this moment I am in a lot of trouble as Code Enforcement is telling me that I am harboring cats (which I am not), not only is this a bad situation, but on top of that my next door neighbor is threatening to poison the cats and to kill me and the Albany police will do absolutely nothing about it. Because I was so upset about the threats, I rented a trailer and then thought better of it and then gave notice that I wasn't going to take it. They kept $1,450 of my money. As if that's not bad enough, I purchased a truck that is too much truck for me, gave Orange Ford a large amount of money, had the truck a week and took it back, and told them that it was too much for me. Previous to this I have purchased two Mazdas. When I took the truck back, they more or less said go screw yourself. So now I have a truck that I'm afraid to drive. You know that nice grey-haired gentleman who does the advertisements for Orange Ford and Owns Orange Ford, trust me he is only in it for the money. So all you senior citizens BEWARE!!! Orange Ford is a giant ripoff! They don't care about anything but the money. So at this time, if anybody out there can give me any help at all with the cats, car issue, or nuisance wildlife, please send me a message. I desperately need help